Strategic Advice and Consulting

  • Support clients in implementing long-term structural change to prevent and address harassment and violence.

  • Build and design institutions and align their programs and practices to promote dignity and justice.

  • Promote trauma-informed interventions and supports within institutions in communities where violence has occurred.

Impact Production

  • Partner with films and advocacy campaigns to integrate stories and movements with lawyers, practitioners and impacted communities.

  • Produce documentary and film content, and advise on story development, for projects addressing social justice and civil rights.

  • Convene advocates, artists, and practitioners engaged in the fight for dignity and justice to catalyze collaboration and community across boundaries.

Legal and Advocacy Campaigns

  • Serve as legal strategist for campaigns to address sexual and racial violence and discrimination.

  • Provide strategic and legal advice on changes to federal civil rights policy and guidance.

  • Act as “justice ninja” in response to various threats and challenges to the rights and well-being of children and youth.